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About Me


Amy Ward - artist

Why Choose A-OK TATTOO?

Amy Ward - artist


I studied fine art before learning to tattoo. I have been tattooing professionally since 1999, after undergoing a formal tattoo apprenticeship at Shades of Gray Tattoo, in Oshkosh Wisconsin.  In 2000, I bought an existing shop and named it A-ok Tattoo.  I offer custom tattoos, designed at no extra cost, for collectors of body art.  A-ok Tattoo shop moved and has been open in Roswell NM since 2004.  As well as body art,  I produce sculpture and paintings - available in the shop 2 Ravens Glass Art Gallery. Our shop strives to be the cleanest of all tattoo shops worldwide, we care about your health first and, of course, amazing custom tattoos that you will never see anywhere else. Ask us for a FREE Tattoo consult to discuss your idea.


  •      Amy Ward has been drawing and painting since childhood and has been tattooing since 1999 . 
  • Many tattoo artists copy from existing templates or "clip art." Amy will help you develop a unique design that will only be seen on you. 
  • Will your tattooist charge you for design time? Will they talk with you about what can best fit your personality and your body? Can they make a tattoo as unique as you? 
  • Does your tattooist or friend only do one kind of tattoo in one color? Do not be convinced by a cheap price into getting a cheap tattoo you will want removed or covered up in a few years. Come talk to Amy and Free at A OK TATTOO before you decide. 


Living Canvas

Why Choose A-OK TATTOO?

Amy Ward - artist

I have always been interested in the human form, my initial ceramic sculpture always incorporated it into compositions. I began sculpture in 1991 as a youth and have been a body artist since 1999.  I've noticed that tattoo collectors cherish exhibiting a tat that is a unique statement only they own. Fine art I feel gives me an advantage when designing and tattooing for inspiration. Tattooing is an amazing mix of 3 dimensional canvas and 2 dimensional artwork. I love that the anthropomorphic aspect of my canvases brings endless opportunity to create a 2-D image viewed in a multifaceted 3D form.  

My focus is composition and accentuating the individual's natural form and flow to inspire my artwork that will be animated when displayed.  My gallery is the human population that is moving around on this spaceship earth. I have no control of the exposure and I love that it is unexpected when most get to view the body art, that is the hidden treasure of it. It is an honor that clients trust me with their living canvas.


Why Choose A-OK TATTOO?

Why Choose A-OK TATTOO?

Why Choose A-OK TATTOO?


Why choose A-ok Tattoo? Here's what we offer you to make your experience unforgettable, in a good way. Literally, this is permanent art work. 

+ State Body Art Certification [link]

+Why get permanent artwork from someone who can't draw? 

+ Every piece is custom drawn by our artists, never to be repeated. 

+ We only use the highest quality inks and tools. Your safety is important to us.  What is your ink standard?  Ask your Tattoo Artist what their's is!! 

Clean and Certified

Our artists are State Certified. Follow this link to see our current, valid license and stay on this State database to look-up an artist or tattoo shop you are curious about. FYI: you should see a photo of artist on their non expired license.

Custom Tattoos

Don't get a cookie cutter piece that others will have. Get a custom one-of-a-kind piece that will never be reproduced! You don't even need reference material, just an idea that we will turn into reality, cooler than you ever imagined. And, the custom drawing is free. 

To start the process, please call to schedule a free consult.  (575) 622-TAT2 (8282)

After Care

* Free Touch-Ups! Guaranteed that our ink will stay if aftercare procedures are followed. 

A-ok Tattoo provides detailed after care for all clients. Full healing takes 90 days. 

 With years of experience and dedication

 A-OK Tattoo is your best decision for tattoos that will remain for a lifetime. A stable part of the local business community allows for follow up visits and touch-up work. Considering the art on your body as an investment in a friendship and partnership.

 A-OK Tattoo is here to help you!

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